Reasons to Live in Thailand

Land of Smiles

Thailand is one of the most sought-after destinations in Southeast Asia. The country has a population of 68 million people who are well known for their friendly disposition, which has resulted in Thailand often being referred to as the 'Land of Smiles'.

Smiling couple on boat

Rising Star

Thailand offers an affordable, yet exceptionally high standard of living. The country has made significant socio-economic progress over the last four decades, moving from a low-income to an upper-income country in less than a generation. Besides being rich in agriculture, its industrial production facilities in automobiles, electronics, healthcare, and jewelry are global pioneers.

beautiful islands in Thailand

Safe and Secure

The country has been widely cited as a development success story with sustained strong growth and impressive poverty reduction. Thailand offers residence in a country that is safe and secure.

Thailand golden buddhas

Attractive Tax Regime

In Thailand, residents (those residing in the country for more than 180 days) are subject to tax only on income earned from sources within Thailand as well as on any portion of income from foreign sources that is remitted to Thailand in the same year in which it is earned. Therefore, Thailand’s tax regime is considered very beneficial, similar to that of Hong Kong and Singapore, for individuals who are resident in Thailand and do not generate significant income in the country.

Bangkok night skyline

Apply for Thailand Elite

The Thailand Elite Residence Program offers you the opportunity to obtain a privilege entry visa, giving you the right to live in the country for up to 20 years, with a selection of additional complimentary services and benefits. The Thailand Elite Official Application Portal makes the application process quick and simple, allowing you to apply and track your progress online with complimentary assistance available upon request.

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